Ganglha - Water for a Better Life

Water for Better Life

Monday, 27 July 2015 by

In rural Tibetan communities, fetching water is culturally assigned to women. A woman usually carries about 25 kilos of water. It usually takes about 2 – 6 hours per single trip and this happens every other day. A donkey can carry 60 – 75 kilos of water. Some locals fetch water from springs. In the

This wedding ceremony was filmed on 13 February 2013 in Bon skor and Stong skor villages, Mangra (Guinan) County, Bya mdo (Shagou) and Mgo mang (Guomaying) townships, Mtsho lho (Hainan) Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Mtsho sngon (Qinghai) Proince, PR China by Nangchukja (Snying lcags rgyal). He was one of the bride’s relatives’ guests (A zhang) at