Sustaining Tibetan Communities and Cultures

Amnye Machen Trailer

Mountain circumambulation is a common religious practice on the Tibetan Plateau. The Year of the Horse sees many Tibetans on pilgrimage to circle holy mountains. The year 2014 was the Year of the Horse according to the Tibetan twelve zodiac signs. In 2014, Ganglha made this documentary on circumambulation of Amnye Machen (A mye rma chen) Mountain, an important holy snow mountain in A mdo. It depicts Tibetans and other Buddhists prostrating, praying, and circumambulating the holy mountain. It also includes interviews with local people, religious practitioners, and scholars. This documentary aims to preserve the knowledge of such traditional practices that many youths no longer are familiar with and raise environmental awareness. This is a trailer and the complete documentary will be coming soon.