Cultural Preservation

CULTURAL PRESERVATION HandicraftsThe loss of traditional cultural heritage is accelerating as Tibetans are increasingly exposed to the outside world through social media. Ganglha records endangered traditional songs, folklore, riddles, histories, speeches, proverbs, rituals, ceremonies, and conversations with elders. These records and documentaries are archived on the Internet and distributed back into communities.

Our past work experiences suggest the urgent need and opportunity for preserving craft-making skills and creating handicrafts. Many traditional Tibetan arts and folk practices are at risk of vanishing. Skilled artisans who previously produced traditional Tibetan wares are forced by economic pressures to give up these vocations for short-term, unsustainable, income generation opportunities. Ganglha seeks support to train Tibetan artisans to translate their skills into income-generating opportunities and preserve traditional craftsmanship. More information featured on the Synergy Social Ventures website can be found by clicking here.

GANGLHA - Education
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  • Teaching programs
  • Scholarships
  • Library books
  • Education supplies
  • Vocational training
  • Teacher training
  • Journal publication
GANGLHA - Water and Sanitation
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Water and Sanitation

  • Running water projects
  • Health training
  • Water management training
GANGLHA - Environmental
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Environmental Protection

  • Solar energy
  • Planting trees
  • Awareness training