Adventure Tours

GANGLHA Ecocultural Travel Adventure ToursHave you dreamed of an adventure exploring some of the world’s least-traveled grasslands, rivers, and snow mountains? If so, Tibet is the place for you. We are experienced local Tibetans in our own land. We will take you to secret and incredible places that usual tourists never see. The Tibetan Plateau is a land of snow, mountains, rivers, grasslands, deserts, forests, and wildlife. Our services include environmentally sustainable, safe, and enjoyable mountaineering expeditions, trekking, horse riding, rafting, and rock climbing. A gentle adventure that is spiritually and mentally rewarding that goes beyond your itinerary and is less physically demanding? A physically demanding adventure that pushes you beyond your comfort zone? A combination of both? We design and customize the tours based on what you want.

Adventures to holy mountains, sacred lakes, and rivers:

  • Mt. Kailash
  • Amnye Machen Mountain
  • Kawakarpo Mountain
  • Yuzhufeng Mountain
  • Gongkar Mountain
  • Minyak Gangkar Mountain
  • Four Sisters Mountain
  • Namtso Lake
  • Lake Yardrok
  • Kokonor Lake
  • Pudatso Lake
  • Yellow River
  • Yangtze River
  • Mekong River

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