Payment Methods

Once Ganglha and consumers reach agreement of payment, Ganglha will send an invoice via the internet to consumers. The payment methods are as follows:

  1. Paypal
  2. Western Union
  3. Wire Transfer
  4. Visa or Master Card
  5. Cash payment, travelers' check and company check is applicable upon special request, e.g., for those who live in China, but personal checks cannot be accepted.

We will send you the detailed payment methods when consumers book any of our trips using the booking form above.

*Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions is on the basis of the contractual relationship between Ganglha and its consumers. This website offers to you, including but not limited to private consumers, travel agencies, any company, cooperation, etc. have read these Terms and Conditions, and that you have accepted them. Any receipt of deposit and/or final payment of consumers of Ganglha will indicate that you are in agreement with these Terms and Conditions:

Trip Cost

All Ganglha trips are fully serviced. Normally the trip cost includes domestic flights, hotels, meals, city transportation, sightseeing, tour guide service, and travel agent arrangement service charges. All tour costs are in U.S. dollars. These rates are subject to change according to market currency exchange rates.

Payment Terms

1. Deposit

30% of the total cost is the deposit required at the time of confirmation of the reservation.

2. Balance

The Balance, 70% of the total trip payment, is due 15 days before your departure date of your China trip. If your payment is not received by the due date, the reservation will be subject to cancellation without notice. If a booking is made within 15 days of the departure date, full payment is due once you confirm the tour.

3. Rush Fee

Reservations made less than two weeks prior to departure will incur a Rush Fee of USD 50.

4. Change Fare

Any changes caused by consumers after a reservation is confirmed will incur a change of USD 50 + whatever shares made by airlines, hotels penalties, and so on.

Cancellation Policy

Ganglha may will consider refunding payments made to us within 15 days of our receipt of consumer's cancellation request. In order to protect the rights of our consumers, only written cancellation of fax, mails or emails are accepted. Phone calls, verbal cancellations, and so on are not accepted.

The cancellation fee will be calculated as follows:

Cancellation Fees

30 days prior and up prior to departure 50 USD
30 to 14 days prior to departure 100 USD
14 to 7 days prior to departure 50% of the full payment
7 days within departure date 100% of the full payment
No-show travelers 100% of the full payment

Once the trip starts, we are unable to refund any amount for unused services due to your early departure, late arrival, or missed days on tours.

In order to reduce the cost to consumers, Ganglha can postpone the trip service fee without any cancellation penalty if clients keep the corresponding travel professional informed at least 15 days before the scheduled departure date.

Alteration of Itinerary

Any alteration and change of trip before Ganglha sends out the confirmation to consumers over 30 days prior to departure date are processed free of charge for the consumers.

Any alteration and change after the pay date of deposit will attract a fee of USD 25 per person per request, in addition to any and all other fees or charges imposed by third parties such as airlines and hotels.

Ganglha reserves the right to modify or revise the trip itinerary on condition of externalities beyond our control e.g., schedule of flights and trains adjusted by corresponding third parties, or any events beyond our control. If the confirmed tour has to be changed only due to the guest's own wishes during the tour, the guest is required to pay for the corresponding additional cost.

Travel Documentation

Each consumer must be in possession of a valid passport and necessary visas or permits at the commencement of travel. All such documentation is the sole responsibility of the consumer. Your travel advisor may assist you in applying for the necessary travel documentation upon request. Ganglha accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever for the failure of clients to obtain appropriate documentation.

Policy Courtesy

Travelers may be subject to clearance or checks by police officers at any time during the trip when you are traveling in Tibetan regions of China. We are not responsible for checking for who you are and engaging in any issue other than organizing trips according to the contracted itinerary schedule. Third party insurance can be purchased through Ganglha Ecocultural Travel within the period of your travel.

Health Requirements

Consumers should take into account all international travel risks and familiarize themselves with health requirements applicable to the areas they intend to visit. The consumer is solely responsible for checking the safety and security conditions, vaccination, and other health requirements of governments in countries visited or transited. Travelers to TAR and other Tibetan regions are required to provide a doctor's certificate stating that the he/she is fit to travel and his/her blood pressure and heart condition are normal. This is a necessary requirement because of the possible effects that the very high altitude may have on certain people.

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